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The Grape Community stems from the corporate responsibility leg of the table grape exporter, The Grape Company. In 2009 it was decided to establish an umbrella company to fund and manage community projects independently from The Grape Company.

This allows for like hearted entities to get directly involved in various the projects that we plan to undertake. It also allows for greater focus, continuity and hence a more sustainable platform from which we manage projects.

The Grape Community was registered as a Section 21 company in October 2009. We currently have 3 permanent employees and a host of volunteers who take charge of the various projects.

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Our vision:

Creating hope by purposefully investing in our community

Our mission:

  • To educate the disadvantage community and propel them to self sustainability.
  • Changing current circumstances to create hope for the future by investing purposefully.
  • Uplifting individuals in the community by getting personally involved.
  • Creating a sustainable platform from which like minded entities can get involved in community projects.

Plans 2015:

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

ECD schools reach the most marginalized children under school-going age and providing them with care and services that are otherwise unavailable to them.

Research conducted by the World Bank indicates that the long-term impact of quality Early Childhood Development is ‘higher school completion rates, reduced dropout and repetition rates, improved school achievements, greater adult productivity, and higher levels of social and emotional functioning” . Furthermore this research found that Early Childhood Development programs are a “highly cost-effective means of strengthening society as a whole by ensuring that its individual members live up to their full potential’.

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