Early Childhood Development

We have a heart for the community around us and exist to take this passion to the people; not to only support from a distance, but to get involved in their daily lives. Together we build, work, educate, care and play. And in doing so we not only uplift the community we serve, but we allow them to impact us as well.

This project addresses the need for educating children in the pre-primary foundation phase, between the ages of three and six, living in the Western Cape area. There will be special focus on those children who are not currently receiving Early Childhood Development (ECD) education.  By establishing basic skills at an early age, along with a positive mind-set and motivation, they are able to excel at an early age and are well prepared for the rest of their study years.

We plan to establish five schools within the Western Cape area within the next five years.  The first three schools are planned respectively for the Paarl East, Mbekweni areas and De Doorns.

A school will make provision for 200 children. A first intake of 80 children is foreseen.

The building plans will make provision for future extensions to cater for an increased number of children. 

The School Building

A school building will consist of:

  • five classrooms
  • a kitchen
  • ablution facilities
  • administration office
  • storage space
  • playground.

The Klippie Kids Pre-school at Klipheuwel has been in operation for the past seven years. We have studied their success in past years and believe that a similar school or schools can successfully be established in other areas within the Western Cape.

The Curriculum

The curriculum was developed by the Jubilee Excellence Schools (JES) over a period of 22 years. It has successfully been implemented at the Klippie Kids School.

The pre-primary education is based on a combination of the following elements:

  • The various facets of the creation account of the Bible
  • Montessori apparatus and philosophy

Accredited by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), JES teaches children through the interaction with teaching apparatus or games.

Although the school currently only caters for three to six year olds, the ideal is that these children stay in the school until Grade 3. By teaching children with these principals for six years, we believe that you will have a well-balanced, self-motivated child and the foundations of reading, writing and arithmetic are well laid.

Other facets we concentrate on are character transformation, respect, fairness, patriotism, responsibility, caring and discipline. Our goal is to prepare children not only for school, but for life as well.


Our teachers will be recruited from the community, the majority of which will be previously unemployed ladies.

As these teachers do not have any access to the internet, library, magazines or other information resources, the curriculum is therefore designed to train these women to use and teach the children the correct use of the provided apparatus.  The children are then taught through continuous interaction (or play) with the apparatus.  The teacher then merely becomes the supervisor and advisor to the child.

Teachers will be trained for three months at a JES school before they are placed in a classroomand then receive continuous in-service training and monitoring.  Each school will have a qualified pre-primary (Grade R) teacher.

The teachers who have not matriculated from the public school system will be enrolled at a SETA registered institution for further education.  Teachers with only Grade 8 will be able to enrol for NQF level 1.  Teachers with grade 10 qualification will be able to enrol for NQF level 4 (matric).  Teachers who have matriculated will be enrolled for a level 5 certificate (equivalent to 1st year college training). After they have completed level 5 they will be able to enrol for a B Ed degree.

Job Creation

The school will accommodate 200 children and will be in need of the following staff members.  Permanent  job opportunities that are being created

  • 14 Teachers                
  • Cook (plus 1 assistant)        
  • Principal                 
  • Secretary             
  • Caretaker
  • Cleaner
  • Driver
  • Project Manager

We need your help and support to make this project a reality.