Mirriam House - Get Involved

involved1In a house with 20 children there are always plenty of hands needed to help run the household. Apart from the physical needs like food and clothing, the children also needs individual attention. Between Mirriam and Gina they do not always have the capacity to fulfill all these needs.

That is why volunteers and visitors are always welcome to visit the house, to play with the children and spend time with the family.

We appreciate and welcome anyone who wants to get involved. The main areas of support includes:

  • spending time with the children playinplaying
  • reading to them
  • taking them on special outings during school holidays
  • financial assistance to support the house.
Dare to give of your time

There are 16 school going children in the house. We are in need of more hands to assist with homework, teaching the children basic maths / reading and helping with homework. And then off course help with the smaller ones in basic reading, counting and playing!

Please  contact Christo if you would like to get involved: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

involved2Sponsor a day out

In the past year we have been fortunate to have a farm in Wellington available to us where we take the children during school holidays to ride horses, quadbikes, play etc.

This year we would like to treat the children to more educational outings like taking them to Table Mountain, Two Oceans Aquarium, a restaurant, visit a wine farm in the region etc.

Please contact Johan if you would like to sponsor a day outing.

Donations for Mirriam House

A part of our ongoing income for the Mirriam House is from donations by many supporters, individuals, corporations, support groups, dedicated fundraisers and others. Please use banking details below for direct deposits.